E Cigarettes: We Provide the Real Sensations of Smoking, or Almost

E Cigarettes: We Provide the Real Sensations of Smoking, or Almost

Have you ever tried an e cigarette before? Well, if you have not, this is the time. Check out our range of Electronic Cigarette kits, choose your flavor and start enjoying a whole new way of smoking cigarettes. And of course, there would be no smoke! But there would be vapor, and you are going to love the change.

The most important thing to understand that when you make the switch and bid adieu to the good old stick, you are not really giving up your nicotine habit. You get your daily nicotine fix, but now minus the harmful effects. Many may not realize this, but this is true that nicotine addiction is not in itself any more harmful than addiction to, say, caffeine. It is the burn in the real cigarette that causes the real harm, and not the tobacco. That is, the toxic material which is released when the tobacco burns in tandem with the cigarette paper material which is the real culprit and causes all that damage to your lungs. However, with e cigs, there is no cigarette paper and there is no risk either.

This is why these new alternative products have become so popular in UK and elsewhere. A recent BBC report tells that eletronic cigarettes have become more successful than nicotine patches in making people give up the habit of smoking. And one reason for this is that people like the sensation of smoking cigarette that e cigarettes mimic. And our technologically advanced products give a beat to the other products available in the alternative cigarettes market on this count, too.

We understand that smoking cigarettes is not only about nicotine addiction. For after all, there are many traditional alternatives as far as tobacco products go. Yet, cigarettes smokers still stick to cigarettes, even knowing full well the risks they are running thereby. So, it is obviously more than nicotine habit. There are sensory sensations related to smoking and if e-cig is proving successful, it is because they successfully mimic those sensations. And of course, nicotine patches cannot do that for you. No surprise, then, that e cigs are proving more effective than those boresome patches?

Having known this, our dedicated team of engineers is always on the run to make the sensation of using our e cig as close to that of smoking the real stick. We research what exactly gives people the satisfaction in smoking– what are the different factors involved. And based on that research, we try as best as we can to mimic those factors through our products.

We understand that electronic cigarette is still a budding market and there is much scope for improvement. This being so, what we value most is our customers’ feedback. We do request all our customers to let us know how they like our products. So, if you are one of those thousands who are using our products, do put in a word on what you like about our products and how, according to your opinion, the products can be improved. Slip us an email or write on the comment section on our webpage. Let us know what you expect from us, so that we may deliver!

We are a trusted e cigarettes company in UK and have been providing quality products to our customers right since we entered the market. Check our range of products here at our website and make your pick. You can also order our products online.

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